Chapter XX

External causes of morbidity and mortality


Transport accidents

Note: This section is structured in 12 groups. Those relating to land transport accidents (V01-V89) reflect the victim's mode of transport and are subdivided to identify the victim's "counterpart" or the type of event. The vehicle of which the injured person is an occupant is identified in the first two characters since it is seen as the most important factor to identify for prevention purposes.
Excludes: accidents to persons engaged in the maintenance or repair of transport equipment or vehicle (not in motion) unless injured by another vehicle in motion ( W00-X59 )
accidents involving vehicles, but unrelated to the hazards associated with the means of transportation, e.g., injuries received in a fight on board ship; transport vehicle involved in a cataclysm; finger crushed when shutting car door ( W00-X59 )
assault by crashing of motor vehicle ( Y03 )
event of undetermined intent ( Y31-Y33 )
intentional self-harm ( X81-X83 )

Definitions related to transport accidents

Classification and coding instructions for transport accidents

Water transport accidents

Includes: watercraft accidents in the course of recreational activities
The following fourth-character subdivisions are for use with categories V90-V94:
.0 Merchant ship
.1 Passenger ship
.2 Fishing boat
.3 Other powered watercraft
Hovercraft (on open water)
Jet skis
.4 Sailboat
.5 Canoe or kayak
.6 Inflatable craft (nonpowered)
.7 Water-skis
.8 Other unpowered watercraft
.9 Unspecified watercraft
Boat NOS
Ship NOS
Watercraft NOS

V90 Accident to watercraft causing drowning and submersion
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Includes: drowning and submersion due to:
· boat:
  · overturning
  · sinking
· falling or jumping from:
  · burning ship
  · crushed watercraft
· other accident to watercraft
Excludes: water-transport-related drowning or submersion without accident to watercraft ( V92 )

V91 Accident to watercraft causing other injury
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Includes: any injury except drowning and submersion as a result of an accident to watercraft
burned while ship on fire
crushed between colliding ships
crushed by lifeboat after abandoning ship
fall due to collision or other accident to watercraft
hit by falling object as a result of accident to watercraft
injured in watercraft accident involving collision of watercraft
struck by boat or part thereof after falling or jumping from damaged boat
Excludes: burns from localized fire or explosion on board ship ( V93 )

V92 Water-transport-related drowning and submersion without accident to watercraft
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Includes: drowning and submersion as a result of an accident, such as:
· fall:
  · from gangplank
  · from ship
  · overboard
· thrown overboard by motion of ship
· washed overboard
Excludes: drowning or submersion of swimmer or diver who voluntarily jumps from boat not involved in an accident ( W69 , W73 )

V93 Accident on board watercraft without accident to watercraft, not causing drowning and submersion
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Includes: accidental poisoning by gases or fumes on ship
atomic reactor malfunction in watercraft
crushed by falling object on ship
excessive heat in:
· boiler room
· engine room
· evaporator room
· fire room
explosion of boiler on steamship
fall from one level to another in watercraft
fall on stairs or ladders in watercraft
injuries in watercraft caused by:
· deck
· engine room
· galley
· laundry
· loading
localized fire on ship
machinery accident in watercraft

V94 Other and unspecified water transport accidents
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Includes: accident to nonoccupant of watercraft
hit by boat while water-skiing