Chapter XIII

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue


The following supplementary subclassification to indicate the site of involvement is provided for optional use with appropriate categories in the block on dorsopathies, except categories M50 and M51; see also note at the beginning of this chapter.
0 Multiple sites in spine
1 Occipito-atlanto-axial region
2 Cervical region
3 Cervicothoracic region
4 Thoracic region
5 Thoracolumbar region
6 Lumbar region
7 Lumbosacral region
8 Sacral and sacrococcygeal region
9 Site unspecified

Other dorsopathies

Excludes: current injury - see injury of spine by body region
discitis NOS ( M46.4 )

M50 Cervical disc disorders
Includes: cervical disc disorders with cervicalgia
cervicothoracic disc disorders
M50.0+ Cervical disc disorder with myelopathy ( G99.2* )
M50.1 Cervical disc disorder with radiculopathy
Excludes: brachial radiculitis NOS ( M54.1 )
M50.2 Other cervical disc displacement
M50.3 Other cervical disc degeneration
M50.8 Other cervical disc disorders
M50.9 Cervical disc disorder, unspecified

M51 Other intervertebral disc disorders
Includes: thoracic, thoracolumbar and lumbosacral disc disorders
M51.0+ Lumbar and other intervertebral disc disorders with myelopathy ( G99.2* )
M51.1+ Lumbar and other intervertebral disc disorders with radiculopathy (G55.1*)
Sciatica due to intervertebral disc disorder
Excludes: lumbar radiculitis NOS ( M54.1 )
M51.2 Other specified intervertebral disc displacement
Lumbago due to displacement of intervertebral disc
M51.3 Other specified intervertebral disc degeneration
M51.4 Schmorl's nodes
M51.8 Other specified intervertebral disc disorders
M51.9 Intervertebral disc disorder, unspecified

M53 Other dorsopathies, not elsewhere classified
[See site code before M40 ]
M53.0 Cervicocranial syndrome
Posterior cervical sympathetic syndrome
M53.1 Cervicobrachial syndrome
Excludes: cervical disc disorder ( M50.- )
thoracic outlet syndrome ( G54.0 )
M53.2 Spinal instabilities
M53.3 Sacrococcygeal disorders, not elsewhere classified
M53.8 Other specified dorsopathies
M53.9 Dorsopathy, unspecified

M54 Dorsalgia
[See site code before M40 ]
Excludes: psychogenic dorsalgia ( F45.4 )
M54.0 Panniculitis affecting regions of neck and back
Excludes: panniculitis:
· NOS ( M79.3 )
· lupus ( L93.2 )
· relapsing [Weber-Christian] ( M35.6 )
M54.1 Radiculopathy
Neuritis or radiculitis:
· brachial NOS
· lumbar NOS
· lumbosacral NOS
· thoracic NOS
Radiculitis NOS
Excludes: neuralgia and neuritis NOS ( M79.2 )
radiculopathy with:
· cervical disc disorder ( M50.1 )
· lumbar and other intervertebral disc disorder ( M51.1 )
· spondylosis ( M47.2 )
M54.2 Cervicalgia
Excludes: cervicalgia due to intervertebral cervical disc disorder ( M50.- )
M54.3 Sciatica
Excludes: lesion of sciatic nerve ( G57.0 )
· due to intervertebral disc disorder ( M51.1 )
· with lumbago ( M54.4 )
M54.4 Lumbago with sciatica
Excludes: that due to intervertebral disc disorder ( M51.1 )
M54.5 Low back pain
Loin pain
Low back strain
Lumbago NOS
Excludes: lumbago:
· due to intervertebral disc displacement ( M51.2 )
· with sciatica ( M54.4 )
M54.6 Pain in thoracic spine
Excludes: pain due to intervertebral disc disorder ( M51.- )
M54.8 Other dorsalgia
M54.9 Dorsalgia, unspecified
Backache NOS