Chapter I

Certain infectious and parasitic diseases


Excludes: hypersensitivity pneumonitis due to organic dust ( J67.- )
mycosis fungoides ( C84.0 )

B35 Dermatophytosis
Includes: favus
infections due to species of Epidermophyton, Microsporum and Trichophyton
tinea, any type except those in B36.-
B35.0 Tinea barbae and tinea capitis
Beard ringworm
Scalp ringworm
Sycosis, mycotic
B35.1 Tinea unguium
Dermatophytic onychia
Dermatophytosis of nail
Ringworm of nails
B35.2 Tinea manuum
Dermatophytosis of hand
Hand ringworm
B35.3 Tinea pedis

Athlete's foot
Dermatophytosis of foot
Foot ringworm
Hong Kong foot
B35.4 Tinea corporis
Ringworm of the body
B35.5 Tinea imbricata
B35.6 Tinea cruris
Dhobi itch
Groin ringworm
Jock itch
B35.7 Tinea faciei
B35.8 Other dermatophytoses
· disseminated
· granulomatous
B35.9 Dermatophytosis, unspecified
Ringworm NOS

B36 Other superficial mycoses
B36.0 Pityriasis versicolor
· flava
· versicolor
B36.1 Tinea nigra
Keratomycosis nigricans palmaris
Microsporosis nigra
Pityriasis nigra
B36.2 White piedra
Tinea blanca
B36.3 Black piedra
B36.8 Other specified superficial mycoses
B36.9 Superficial mycosis, unspecified

B37 Candidiasis
Includes: candidosis
Excludes: neonatal candidiasis ( P37.5)
B37.0 Candidal stomatitis
#B37.00 Acute pseudomembranous candidal stomatitis
#B37.01 Acute erythematous (atrophic) candidal stomatitis
#B37.02 Chronic hyperplastic candidal stomatitis
Candidal leukoplakia
Multifocal-type chronic hyperplastic candidal stomatitis
#B37.03 Chronic erythematous (atrophic) candidal stomatitis
Denture stomatitis due to candidal infection
#B37.04 Mucocutaneous candidiasis
#B37.05 Oral candidal granuloma
#B37.06 Angular chelitis
#B37.08 Other specified candidal stomatitis
#B37.09 Candidal stomatitis, unspecified
Oral thrush NOS
Soor NOS
B37.1 Pulmonary candidiasis
B37.2 Candidiasis of skin and nail
· onychia
· paronychia
Excludes: diaper [napkin] dermatitis ( L22)
B37.3+ Candidiasis of vulva and vagina ( N77.1*)
Candidal vulvovaginitis
Monilial vulvovaginitis
Vaginal thrush
B37.4 Candidiasis of other urogenital sites
· balanitis+ ( N51.2*)
· urethritis+ ( N37.0*)
B37.5+ Candidal meningitis ( G02.1*)
B37.6+ Candidal endocarditis ( I39.8*)
B37.7 Candidal septicaemia
B37.8 Candidiasis of other sites
· cheilitis
· enteritis
B37.9 Candidiasis, unspecified
Thrush NOS

B38 Coccidioidomycosis
B38.0 Acute pulmonary coccidioidomycosis
B38.1 Chronic pulmonary coccidioidomycosis
B38.2 Pulmonary coccidioidomycosis, unspecified
B38.3 Cutaneous coccidioidomycosis
B38.4+ Coccidioidomycosis meningitis ( G02.1* )
B38.7 Disseminated coccidioidomycosis
Generalized coccidioidomycosis
B38.8 Other forms of coccidioidomycosis
B38.9 Coccidioidomycosis, unspecified

B39 Histoplasmosis
B39.0 Acute pulmonary histoplasmosis capsulati
B39.1 Chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis capsulati
B39.2 Pulmonary histoplasmosis capsulati, unspecified
B39.3 Disseminated histoplasmosis capsulati
Generalized histoplasmosis capsulati
B39.4 Histoplasmosis capsulati, unspecified
American histoplasmosis
B39.5 Histoplasmosis duboisii
African histoplasmosis
B39.9 Histoplasmosis, unspecified

B40 Blastomycosis
Excludes: Brazilian blastomycosis ( B41.- )
keloidal blastomycosis ( B48.0 )
B40.0 Acute pulmonary blastomycosis
B40.1 Chronic pulmonary blastomycosis
B40.2 Pulmonary blastomycosis, unspecified
B40.3 Cutaneous blastomycosis
B40.7 Disseminated blastomycosis
Generalized blastomycosis
B40.8 Other forms of blastomycosis
B40.9 Blastomycosis, unspecified

B41 Paracoccidioidomycosis
Includes: Brazilian blastomycosis
Lutz' disease
B41.0 Pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosis
B41.7 Disseminated paracoccidioidomycosis
Generalized paracoccidioidomycosis
B41.8 Other forms of paracoccidioidomycosis
B41.9 Paracoccidioidomycosis, unspecified

B42 Sporotrichosis
B42.0+ Pulmonary sporotrichosis ( J99.8* )
B42.1 Lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis
B42.7 Disseminated sporotrichosis
Generalized sporotrichosis
B42.8 Other forms of sporotrichosis
B42.9 Sporotrichosis, unspecified

B43 Chromomycosis and phaeomycotic abscess
B43.0 Cutaneous chromomycosis
Dermatitis verrucosa
B43.1 Phaeomycotic brain abscess
Cerebral chromomycosis
B43.2 Subcutaneous phaeomycotic abscess and cyst
B43.8 Other forms of chromomycosis
B43.9 Chromomycosis, unspecified

B44 Aspergillosis
Includes: aspergilloma
B44.0 Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
B44.1 Other pulmonary aspergillosis
B44.2 Tonsillar aspergillosis
B44.7 Disseminated aspergillosis
Generalized aspergillosis
B44.8 Other forms of aspergillosis
B44.9 Aspergillosis, unspecified

B45 Cryptococcosis
B45.0 Pulmonary cryptococcosis
B45.1 Cerebral cryptococcosis
Cryptococcal meningitis+ ( G02.1* )
Cryptococcosis meningocerebralis
B45.2 Cutaneous cryptococcosis
B45.3 Osseous cryptococcosis
B45.7 Disseminated cryptococcosis
Generalized cryptococcosis
B45.8 Other forms of cryptococcosis
B45.9 Cryptococcosis, unspecified

B46 Zygomycosis
B46.0 Pulmonary mucormycosis
B46.1 Rhinocerebral mucormycosis
B46.2 Gastrointestinal mucormycosis
B46.3 Cutaneous mucormycosis
Subcutaneous mucormycosis
B46.4 Disseminated mucormycosis
Generalized mucormycosis
B46.5 Mucormycosis, unspecified
B46.8 Other zygomycoses
B46.9 Zygomycosis, unspecified
Phycomycosis NOS

B47 Mycetoma
B47.0 Eumycetoma
Madura foot, mycotic
B47.1 Actinomycetoma
B47.9 Mycetoma, unspecified
Madura foot NOS

B48 Other mycoses, not elsewhere classified
B48.0 Lobomycosis
Keloidal blastomycosis
Lobo's disease
B48.1 Rhinosporidiosis
B48.2 Allescheriasis
Infection due to Pseudallescheria boydii
Excludes: eumycetoma ( B47.0 )
B48.3 Geotrichosis
Geotrichum stomatitis
B48.4 Penicillosis
B48.7 Opportunistic mycoses
Mycoses caused by fungi of low virulence that can establish an infection only as a consequence of factors such as the presence of debilitating disease or the administration of immunosuppressive and other therapeutic agents or radiation therapy. Most of the causal fungi are normally saprophytic in soil and decaying vegetation.
B48.8 Other specified mycoses

B49 Unspecified mycosis
Fungaemia NOS