Chapter VII

Diseases of the eye and adnexa

Disorders of choroid and retina

H30 Chorioretinal inflammation
H30.0 Focal chorioretinal inflammation
· chorioretinitis
· choroiditis
· retinitis
· retinochoroiditis
H30.1 Disseminated chorioretinal inflammation
· chorioretinitis
· choroiditis
· retinitis
· retinochoroiditis
Excludes: exudative retinopathy ( H35.0 )
H30.2 Posterior cyclitis
Pars planitis
H30.8 Other chorioretinal inflammations
Harada's disease
H30.9 Chorioretinal inflammation, unspecified

H31 Other disorders of choroid
H31.0 Chorioretinal scars
Macula scars of posterior pole (postinflammatory)(post-traumatic)
Solar retinopathy
H31.1 Choroidal degeneration
of choroid
Excludes: angioid streaks ( H35.3 )
H31.2 Hereditary choroidal dystrophy
Dystrophy, choroidal (central areolar)(generalized)(peripapillary)
Gyrate atrophy, choroid
Excludes: ornithinaemia ( E72.4 )
H31.3 Choroidal haemorrhage and rupture
Choroidal haemorrhage:
· expulsive
H31.4 Choroidal detachment
H31.8 Other specified disorders of choroid
H31.9 Disorder of choroid, unspecified

H32* Chorioretinal disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
H32.0* Chorioretinal inflammation in infectious and parasitic diseases classified elsewhere
· syphilitic, late ( A52.7+ )
· toxoplasma ( B58.0+ )
· tuberculous ( A18.5+ )
H32.8* Other chorioretinal disorders in diseases classified elsewhere

H33 Retinal detachments and breaks
Excludes: detachment of retinal pigment epithelium ( H35.7 )
H33.0 Retinal detachment with retinal break
Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment
H33.1 Retinoschisis and retinal cysts
Cyst of ora serrata
Parasitic cyst of retina NOS
Pseudocyst of retina
Excludes: congenital retinoschisis ( Q14.1 )
microcystoid degeneration of retina ( H35.4 )
H33.2 Serous retinal detachment
Retinal detachment:
· without retinal break
Excludes: central serous chorioretinopathy ( H35.7 )
H33.3 Retinal breaks without detachment
Horseshoe tear
Round hole
of retina, without detachment
Retinal break NOS
Excludes: chorioretinal scars after surgery for detachment ( H59.8 )
peripheral retinal degeneration without break ( H35.4 )
H33.4 Traction detachment of retina
Proliferative vitreo-retinopathy with retinal detachment
H33.5 Other retinal detachments

H34 Retinal vascular occlusions
Excludes: amaurosis fugax ( G45.3 )
H34.0 Transient retinal artery occlusion
H34.1 Central retinal artery occlusion
H34.2 Other retinal artery occlusions
Hollenhorst's plaque
· artery occlusion:
  · branch
  · partial
· microembolism
H34.8 Other retinal vascular occlusions
Retinal vein occlusion:
· central
· incipient
· partial
· tributary
H34.9 Retinal vascular occlusion, unspecified

H35 Other retinal disorders
H35.0 Background retinopathy and retinal vascular changes
Changes in retinal vascular appearance
· micro-aneurysms
· neovascularization
· perivasculitis
· varices
· vascular sheathing
· vasculitis
· background NOS
· Coats
· exudative
· hypertensive
H35.1 Retinopathy of prematurity
Retrolental fibroplasia
H35.2 Other proliferative retinopathy
Proliferative vitreo-retinopathy
Excludes: proliferative vitreo-retinopathy with retinal detachment ( H33.4 )
H35.3 Degeneration of macula and posterior pole
Angioid streaks
Drusen (degenerative)
of macula
Kuhnt-Junius degeneration
Senile macular degeneration (atrophic)(exudative)
Toxic maculopathy
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify drug, if drug-induced.
H35.4 Peripheral retinal degeneration
Degeneration, retina:
· lattice
· microcystoid
· palisade
· paving stone
· reticular
Excludes: with retinal break ( H33.3 )
H35.5 Hereditary retinal dystrophy
· retinal (albipunctate)(pigmentary)(vitelliform)
· tapetoretinal
· vitreoretinal
Retinitis pigmentosa
Stargardt's disease
H35.6 Retinal haemorrhage
H35.7 Separation of retinal layers
Central serous chorioretinopathy
Detachment of retinal pigment epithelium
H35.8 Other specified retinal disorders
H35.9 Retinal disorder, unspecified

H36* Retinal disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
H36.0* Diabetic retinopathy ( E10-E14+ with common fourth character .3)
H36.8* Other retinal disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
Atherosclerotic retinopathy ( I70.8+ )
Proliferative sickle-cell retinopathy ( D57.-+ )
Retinal dystrophy in lipid storage disorders ( E75.-+ )