Chapter XX

External causes of morbidity and mortality

Legal intervention and operations of war

Y35 Legal intervention
Includes: injuries inflicted by the police or other law-enforcing agents, including military on duty, in the course of arresting or attempting to arrest lawbreakers, suppressing disturbances, maintaining order, and other legal action
Y35.0 Legal intervention involving firearm discharge
Legal intervention with:
· machine gun
· revolver
· rifle pellet or rubber bullet
Y35.1 Legal intervention involving explosives
Legal intervention with:
· dynamite
· explosive shell
· grenade
· mortar bomb
Y35.2 Legal intervention involving gas
Asphyxiation by gas
Injury by tear gas
Poisoning by gas
due to legal intervention
Y35.3 Legal intervention involving blunt objects
Hit, struck by:
· baton
· blunt object
· stave
during legal intervention
Y35.4 Legal intervention involving sharp objects
Injured by bayonet
during legal intervention
Y35.5 Legal execution
Any execution performed at the behest of the judiciary or ruling authority [whether permanent or temporary], such as:
· asphyxiation by gas
· beheading, decapitation (by guillotine)
· capital punishment
· electrocution
· hanging
· poisoning
· shooting
Y35.6 Legal intervention involving other specified means
Y35.7 Legal intervention, means unspecified

Y36 Operations of war
Note: Injuries due to operations of war occurring after cessation of hostilities are classified to Y36.8.
Includes: injuries to military personnel and civilians caused by war and civil insurrection
Y36.0 War operations involving explosion of marine weapons
Marine mine
Mine NOS, at sea or in harbour
Sea-based artillery shell
Underwater blast
Y36.1 War operations involving destruction of aircraft
· burned
· exploded
· shot down
Crushed by falling aircraft
Y36.2 War operations involving other explosions and fragments
Accidental explosion of:
· munitions being used in war
· own weapons
Antipersonnel bomb (fragments)
Explosion (of):
· artillery shell
· breech-block
· cannon block
· mortar bomb
Fragments from:
· artillery shell
· bomb
· grenade
· guided missile
· land-mine
· rocket
· shell
· shrapnel
Mine NOS
during war operations
Y36.3 War operations involving fires, conflagrations and hot substances
Other injury
originating from fire caused directly by a fire-producing device or indirectly by any conventional weapon
Petrol bomb
Y36.4 War operations involving firearm discharge and other forms of conventional warfare
Battle wounds
Bayonet injury
· carbine
· machine gun
· pistol
· rifle
· rubber (rifle)
Drowned in war operations NOS
Pellets (shotgun)
Y36.5 War operations involving nuclear weapons
Blast effects
Exposure to ionizing radiation from nuclear weapon
Fireball effects
Other direct and secondary effects of nuclear weapons
Y36.6 War operations involving biological weapons
Y36.7 War operations involving chemical weapons and other forms of unconventional warfare
Gases, fumes and chemicals
Y36.8 War operations occurring after cessation of hostilities
Injuries by explosion of bombs or mines placed in the course of operations of war, if the explosion occurred after cessation of hostilities
Injuries due to operations of war and classifiable to Y36.0-Y36.7 or Y36.9 but occurring after cessation of hostilities
Y36.9 War operations, unspecified