Chapter XX

External causes of morbidity and mortality


Transport accidents

Note: This section is structured in 12 groups. Those relating to land transport accidents (V01-V89) reflect the victim's mode of transport and are subdivided to identify the victim's "counterpart" or the type of event. The vehicle of which the injured person is an occupant is identified in the first two characters since it is seen as the most important factor to identify for prevention purposes.
Excludes: accidents to persons engaged in the maintenance or repair of transport equipment or vehicle (not in motion) unless injured by another vehicle in motion ( W00-X59 )
accidents involving vehicles, but unrelated to the hazards associated with the means of transportation, e.g., injuries received in a fight on board ship; transport vehicle involved in a cataclysm; finger crushed when shutting car door ( W00-X59 )
assault by crashing of motor vehicle ( Y03 )
event of undetermined intent ( Y31-Y33 )
intentional self-harm ( X81-X83 )

Definitions related to transport accidents

Classification and coding instructions for transport accidents

Air and space transport accidents

V95 Accident to powered aircraft causing injury to occupant
Includes: collision with any object, fixed, movable or moving
forced landing
of or on (powered) aircraft
V95.0 Helicopter accident injuring occupant
V95.1 Ultralight, microlight or powered-glider accident injuring occupant
V95.2 Accident to other private fixed-wing aircraft, injuring occupant
V95.3 Accident to commercial fixed-wing aircraft, injuring occupant
V95.4 Spacecraft accident injuring occupant
V95.8 Other aircraft accidents injuring occupant
V95.9 Unspecified aircraft accident injuring occupant
Aircraft accident NOS
Air transport accident NOS

V96 Accident to nonpowered aircraft causing injury to occupant
Includes: collision with any object, fixed, movable or moving
forced landing
of or on nonpowered aircraft
V96.0 Balloon accident injuring occupant
V96.1 Hang-glider accident injuring occupant
V96.2 Glider (nonpowered) accident injuring occupant
V96.8 Other nonpowered-aircraft accidents injuring occupant
Kite carrying a person
V96.9 Unspecified nonpowered-aircraft accident injuring occupant
Nonpowered-aircraft accident NOS

V97 Other specified air transport accidents
Includes: accidents to nonoccupants of aircraft
V97.0 Occupant of aircraft injured in other specified air transport accidents
Fall in, on or from aircraft in air transport accident
Excludes: accident while boarding or alighting ( V97.1 )
V97.1 Person injured while boarding or alighting from aircraft
V97.2 Parachutist injured in air transport accident
Excludes: person making descent after accident to aircraft ( V95-V96 )
V97.3 Person on ground injured in air transport accident
Hit by object falling from aircraft
Injured by rotating propeller
Sucked into jet
V97.8 Other air transport accidents, not elsewhere classified
Injury from machinery on aircraft
Excludes: aircraft accident NOS ( V95.9 )
exposure to changes in air pressure during ascent or descent ( W94 )