Chapter XVII

Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities

Congenital malformations of the urinary system

Q60 Renal agenesis and other reduction defects of kidney
Includes: atrophy of kidney:
· congenital
· infantile
congenital absence of kidney
Q60.0 Renal agenesis, unilateral
Q60.1 Renal agenesis, bilateral
Q60.2 Renal agenesis, unspecified
Q60.3 Renal hypoplasia, unilateral
Q60.4 Renal hypoplasia, bilateral
Q60.5 Renal hypoplasia, unspecified
Q60.6 Potter's syndrome

Q61 Cystic kidney disease
Excludes: acquired cyst of kidney ( N28.1 )
Potter's syndrome ( Q60.6 )
Q61.0 Congenital single renal cyst
Cyst of kidney (congenital)(single)
Q61.1 Polycystic kidney, autosomal recessive
Polycystic kidney, infantile type
Q61.2 Polycystic kidney, autosomal dominant
Polycystic kidney, adult type
Q61.3 Polycystic kidney, unspecified
Q61.4 Renal dysplasia
Q61.5 Medullary cystic kidney
Sponge kidney NOS
Q61.8 Other cystic kidney diseases
· kidney
· renal degeneration or disease
Q61.9 Cystic kidney disease, unspecified
Meckel-Gruber syndrome

Q62 Congenital obstructive defects of renal pelvis and congenital malformations of ureter
Q62.0 Congenital hydronephrosis
Q62.1 Atresia and stenosis of ureter
Congenital occlusion of:
· ureter
· ureteropelvic junction
· ureterovesical orifice
Impervious ureter
Q62.2 Congenital megaloureter
Congenital dilatation of ureter
Q62.3 Other obstructive defects of renal pelvis and ureter
Congenital ureterocele
Q62.4 Agenesis of ureter
Absent ureter
Q62.5 Duplication of ureter
Q62.6 Malposition of ureter
Implantation, anomalous
(of) ureter or ureteric orifice
Q62.7 Congenital vesico-uretero-renal reflux
Q62.8 Other congenital malformations of ureter
Anomaly of ureter NOS

Q63 Other congenital malformations of kidney
Excludes: congenital nephrotic syndrome ( N04.- )
Q63.0 Accessory kidney
Q63.1 Lobulated, fused and horseshoe kidney
Q63.2 Ectopic kidney
Congenital displaced kidney
Malrotation of kidney
Q63.3 Hyperplastic and giant kidney
Q63.8 Other specified congenital malformations of kidney
Congenital renal calculi
Q63.9 Congenital malformation of kidney, unspecified

Q64 Other congenital malformations of urinary system
Q64.0 Epispadias
Excludes: hypospadias ( Q54.- )
Q64.1 Exstrophy of urinary bladder
Ectopia vesicae
Extroversion of bladder
Q64.2 Congenital posterior urethral valves
Q64.3 Other atresia and stenosis of urethra and bladder neck
· bladder neck obstruction
· stricture of:
  · urethra
  · urinary meatus
  · vesicourethral orifice
Impervious urethra
Q64.4 Malformation of urachus
Cyst of urachus
Patent urachus
Prolapse of urachus
Q64.5 Congenital absence of bladder and urethra
Q64.6 Congenital diverticulum of bladder
Q64.7 Other congenital malformations of bladder and urethra
· bladder
· urethra
· hernia of bladder
· malformation of bladder or urethra NOS
· prolapse of:
  · bladder (mucosa)
  · urethra
  · urinary meatus
· urethrorectal fistula
· urethra
· urinary meatus
Q64.8 Other specified congenital malformations of urinary system
Q64.9 Congenital malformation of urinary system, unspecified
· anomaly
· deformity
NOS of urinary system