Chapter XV

Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium


Note: Codes O80-O84 are provided for morbidity coding purposes. Codes from this block should be used for primary morbidity coding only if no other condition classifiable to Chapter XV is recorded. For use of these categories reference should be made to the morbidity coding rules and guidelines in Volume 2.

O80 Single spontaneous delivery
Includes: cases with minimal or no assistance, with or without episiotomy
delivery in a completely normal case
O80.0 Spontaneous vertex delivery
O80.1 Spontaneous breech delivery
O80.8 Other single spontaneous delivery
O80.9 Single spontaneous delivery, unspecified
Spontaneous delivery NOS

O81 Single delivery by forceps and vacuum extractor
Excludes: failed application of vacuum extractor or forceps ( O66.5 )
O81.0 Low forceps delivery
O81.1 Mid-cavity forceps delivery
O81.2 Mid-cavity forceps with rotation
O81.3 Other and unspecified forceps delivery
O81.4 Vacuum extractor delivery
Ventouse delivery
O81.5 Delivery by combination of forceps and vacuum extractor
Forceps and ventouse delivery

O82 Single delivery by caesarean section
O82.0 Delivery by elective caesarean section
Repeat caesarean section NOS
O82.1 Delivery by emergency caesarean section
O82.2 Delivery by caesarean hysterectomy
O82.8 Other single delivery by caesarean section
O82.9 Delivery by caesarean section, unspecified

O83 Other assisted single delivery
O83.0 Breech extraction
O83.1 Other assisted breech delivery
Breech delivery NOS
O83.2 Other manipulation-assisted delivery
Version with extraction
O83.3 Delivery of viable fetus in abdominal pregnancy
O83.4 Destructive operation for delivery
to facilitate delivery
O83.8 Other specified assisted single delivery
O83.9 Assisted single delivery, unspecified
Assisted delivery NOS

O84 Multiple delivery
Use additional code (O80-O83), if desired, to indicate the method of delivery of each fetus or infant.
O84.0 Multiple delivery, all spontaneous
O84.1 Multiple delivery, all by forceps and vacuum extractor
O84.2 Multiple delivery, all by caesarean section
O84.8 Other multiple delivery
Multiple delivery by combination of methods
O84.9 Multiple delivery, unspecified