Chapter XII

Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

Papulosquamous disorders

L40 Psoriasis
L40.0 Psoriasis vulgaris
Nummular psoriasis
Plaque psoriasis
L40.1 Generalized pustular psoriasis
Impetigo herpetiformis
Von Zumbusch's disease
L40.2 Acrodermatitis continua
L40.3 Pustulosis palmaris et plantaris
L40.4 Guttate psoriasis
L40.5+ Arthropathic psoriasis ( M07.0-M07.3 *, M09.0* )
L40.8 Other psoriasis
Flexural psoriasis
L40.9 Psoriasis, unspecified

L41 Parapsoriasis
Excludes: poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans ( L94.5 )
L41.0 Pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta
Mucha-Habermann disease
L41.1 Pityriasis lichenoides chronica
L41.2 Lymphomatoid papulosis
L41.3 Small plaque parapsoriasis
L41.4 Large plaque parapsoriasis
L41.5 Retiform parapsoriasis
L41.8 Other parapsoriasis
L41.9 Parapsoriasis, unspecified

L42 Pityriasis rosea

L43 Lichen planus
Excludes: lichen planopilaris ( L66.1)
L43.0 Hypertrophic lichen planus
L43.1 Bullous lichen planus
L43.2 Lichenoid drug reaction
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify drug.
L43.3 Subacute (active) lichen planus
Lichen planus tropicus
L43.8 Other lichen planus
Includes:       lichen planus:
· atrophic              }
· type                    }
· erosive               }            type
· papular              }
· plaque               }
· retcular              }
L43.9 Lichen planus, unspecified

L44 Other papulosquamous disorders
L44.0 Pityriasis rubra pilaris
L44.1 Lichen nitidus
L44.2 Lichen striatus
L44.3 Lichen ruber moniliformis
L44.4 Infantile papular acrodermatitis [Giannotti-Crosti]
L44.8 Other specified papulosquamous disorders
L44.9 Papulosquamous disorder, unspecified

L45* Papulosquamous disorders in diseases classified elsewhere